5 Best Car Racing Games for Android and IOS

The racing games available on Android have tested the limits of the phone’s hardware, providing high-quality graphics and a desire to resemble the real-life racing simulators that are available on consoles and PCs. But they’re not designed to be authentic games intended for car geeks.

There are numerous various kinds of car games. Some are simulations, some are racing games while others are still puzzle games. The genre is growing rapidly on mobile and is now one of the most loved genres of mobile. Racing games particularly have the most stunning graphics of any mobile game therefore it’s an excellent game for eye candy as well as personalization. There are many car games available. But some stand out more then others. These are the top car games on Android. Be aware, however, that most development for car games is devoted towards racing games. We attempted to add as many games as we could that allow car modifications and upgrades through parts.

1. Rush Rally 3

Rally enthusiasts should test this out. Rush Rally 3 is the closest you can come to the console-like racing simulation for your smartphone. There are a variety of multiplayer and solo modes, allowing you to race in any way you want. In addition it comes with complete support for controllers and an adjustable touch control system, so you can pick most comfortable controls. most comforting controls.

Rush Rally 3 has a live-time damage system, which means that when you crash into trees and obstacles or other vehicles or other vehicles, your car will be damaged and broken in the right way. The graphics are outdated, but if desire a real rally experience, look for it.

2. GRID Autosport

While the graphics seem slightly outdated today however, it’s as close as to the console racing game on the Play Store. Even though it’s a bit old-fashioned, the game has numerous contemporary racing features, such as Soft Body Deformation. It’s a game to play using a controller to enjoy an experience that is immersive.

3. CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 is one of the most well-known drag racing car games available on mobile. The main feature of the game has an online campaign mode that becomes gradually more challenging. It also comes with a range of vehicles to unlock and online multiplayer. The cars can also be customized and upgraded for improved looks and faster times in races. Like most freemium games It also has features like an energy system is awaited at times. The graphics are amazing however, the game’s ending leaves many things to be left to be desired.

4. Grand Prix Story

Grand Prix Story is an enjoyable car game. The players control an entire racing team. The aim is to recruit competent mechanics and drivers and build better vehicles and to win numerous races. There are a few racing aspects however, it’s a simulation in most of the most part. In the duration of the game players can unlock more tracks and more powerful parts. You can’t make one car to win every race, which means you’ll need to switch the car each time. It’s more easy than Motorsport Manager Mobile 3, but the arcade features help make it more entertaining in a slapstick-y way. The free version includes in-app purchases while the premium version doesn’t.

5. Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart is the biggest name in racing games and, after a couple of years of sloppy design options, Mario Kart Tour has finally made its mark. It’s a classic Mario Kart experience built for mobile and packed with distinct features. For instance”Tour,” for instance “Tour” part refers to routes that are based on real-world locations and there are even new game modes that are exclusive to in this game.

Mario Kart Tour is a multiplayer game in the core You can play online as well as locally against your strangers or your friends. Racers who are competitive will be delighted to climb the ranks, however people who play for fun can benefit the most from this amazing racing game. If you’re not able to enjoy Mario Kart on a Nintendo console, give it an attempt, you’ll never regret it.

If we’ve missed any fantastic car games on Android let us know about your experiences by leaving a comment! You can click here to view our most recent Android application along with game videos.

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