GBWhatsApp APK (Anti-ban) Download Latest Version

GB WhatsApp latest VersionGBWhatsApp APK Latest Version

GBWhatsApp APK Nowadays is known by peoples to share videos, photos, audios, and much more. If you also want to use the WhatsApp with the more Exciting Features and More Then the Original and More Functions then the Original one

Developers modified the official WhatsApp to add some exciting features like hiding Double Ticks, Change Themes, Set Online Status, Use WhatsApp Accounts, and much more. It has extra privacy available in it, and there is no need to pay anything to use this mod.

If you didn’t use it, then you should try it now. Don’t worry about the process to download and install the app on your device. I will guide you about the downloading and installation process.

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Stay with us to know more about the GBWhatsApp Latest Anti Ban Version:

Many apps are available in the market like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and much more. WhatsApp is usually Very Popular due to its Functionality and the Features they are given to us are very much attractive that is given to us. To do more is the Main Priority of this Latest Version of WhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is the earliest mod of WhatsApp that’s typically updated up until today. There are some of the other Version of the GBWhatsApp that can be like OGWhatsApp, but it has lots of boosted functions. You do not need to uninstall WhatsApp if you want to install GBwhatsapp APK. GBWhatsApp has excellent attributes

download GBWhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp APK Latest Anti BanSome Features of GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version:

GBWhatsapp APK 2019 is designed with the tons of features, and all those features you can use on a smartphone. Following are the features of GBWhatsapp

Auto Reply:

Firstly, you can also use this auto-reply feature when you want to reply to any of your friends at any time.


If you are using some other app on your Android phone and don’t want to get disturbed by Whatsapp messages then you can use the DND feature to disable the internet connection for GBWhatsapp only.

Text messages Broadcast:

You can send Broadcast text

messages to groups which is a great feature.

Filter messages:

The GBWhatsapp APK is formulated with the Filter Messages feature which provides the user with an option to clear chat which can also filter your messages.

Anti-revoke message in GBWhatsApp APK:

It comes with an Anti-revoke messages feature.

Share live locations form the GBWhatsApp APK:

In the live Location Sharing is the most important function that is used in the GBWhatsapp Latest Version APK. So that the other people can easily see your location and you can do more than you want to do.

Outstanding effects:

Users can add outstanding and unique effects while sending pictures and videos to their friends and loved ones.

Revoke multiple messages in GBWhatsApp APK:

At one time you can revoke multiples messages.

Send Maximum Pictures:

Compare to the Original Version of the WhatsApp that we use in the Daily Life. This will give us the Approach to send the More than 100 Pictures at a time to the other person and we can also Enable the mod that can send the picture into its original format without losing the Pixels

Endless Themes in GBWhatsApp APK:

In the Latest Version of the GBWhatsApp will provide us the Different themes. So that we can make it more attractive depend upon our Taste and

GB WhatsApp APK New Version Screen 1Download Statuses form GBWhatsApp APK:

Another great feature of this app is that you can download the pictures and videos of statuses uploaded by other contacts.

Amazing Font of GBWhatsApp APK:

Are you bored with the old font? Then, with this feature, you can choose the font of your choice. Customize your favorite font with this feature.

Messages History of GBWhatsApp APK:

You can check the history of revoked messages from your contacts and groups.

Mark the unread messages: From the notification, you can mark the read messages.

Select all chat:

With this app, one can select all chats at one time from the home screen.

Hide your status:

The voice recording status can be hidden.

Best Image Quality:

With GBWhatsApp you can send pictures of high resolution.

Log History:

Furthermore, the user can see the log history of all your contacts.


Another best feature, with the help of this language feature, you can select the language from the default lost.


This app also allows you to get the notification when anyone from your contact lists changes their profile picture.

download GBWhatsApp APK

Features Overview of GBWhatsapp APK Latest Version:

  • Available all features of GB MOD.
  • Change theme.
  • Download free amazing themes created by some users of GBWhatsApp.
  • Dual/Multiple WhatsApp accounts.
  • Various languages.
  • Status can be copied.
  • Send large files of videos, audios, images.
  • Up to 50 MB of video files can be sent.
  • Hide online status, double tick.
  • Hide seen message, delivered message staus.
  • Always online features.
  • Able to send more than 10 images.
  • New and customized emojis for GB WhatsApp users.
  • Backup feature.
  • Add stickers from Google Play.
  • Various launcher icons.
  • Hidden chat feature.
  • Hide writing status.
  • Hide recording status.
  • Connectable with WhatsApp web but features do not work there.
  • Auto-reply of messages.
  • Create and use themes, can be used by other GBWA users.
  • Audio can be shared up to 100 MB.
  • Video status limit to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds can be shared.
  • Enable password.
  • Amazing tick styles.
  • Cool launcher icons.
  • Change the notify-bar icon.
  • Multi gif providers.
  • Change the video player.
  • Log available.
  • Message Scheduler.

Details of All those Above Features of GBWhatsApp APK:

  • Use the official GBWhatsApp APP, be safe and beware of those scripted malware found as GBWhatsApp on some websites.
  • Get lots of themes created by some users of this app, all of those themes are free.
  • If you want to use dual WhatsApp on the same device you can do so by using GBWhatsApp, you can use the normal version of Whatsapp and the GBWA at the same time on the same device.
  • You may like to put your daily story on Whatsapp status, images, quotes, videos and more but all these can’t be copied in the ordinary version of WA. You are able to do so in GBWA.
  • The problem we usually face in WA is the problem of sending large files like APK files, video files, songs, and other data. This Mod version of GBWA allows you to send video files up to 50MB and audio files up to 100MB, you can also decrease/increase the limit in settings.
  • The most famous feature of GB Whatsapp is the hidden message ticks. You can hide your message blue double ticks, double ticks to your contacts.
  • When you open the WhatsApp app you expose you’re being on WA to your contacts, you can be online without letting know to them by turning on “Hide online status”.
  • Suppose you visit your dream places and you take lots of pics, you want to share them with your friends in WhatsApp, but you can not send more than 10 pics at a sending time. There you need it.
  • GBWA APP in which you are able to send more than 10 pics at a sending time.
  • Customized emojis are amazing for GBWA users. you get new and customized emojis, available for GBWA users only.
  • WA is improving itself by adding new features one of them is stickers. This is feature is not only available on the ordinary version but also on the MOD version of WhatsApp APK. Add as many stickers in GBWhatsApp as many you want.
  • Change the icon of the app in the menu as well as in the notify-bar so that you can hide your WhatsApp.
  • Auto-reply is a cool feature of WhatsApp limited only to the WA business app. Get the same feature in this MOD version of WhatsApp. By this option,
  • whether you are online or offline, you are able to send an auto-reply to a message sender. Simply set a message in the option which is set as an auto-reply.
  • Be a developer, create and use your own theme for this Modded WhatsApp. There are many users who developed a lot of themes to help others and make the platform batter and easy to use for every user of GBWA.
  • One of my favorite features of GB WhatsApp Application is its long video status. You can not upload a video in WA longer than 30 seconds, which is limited to 7 minutes in GBWhatsapp APK.
  • Keep your app safe, enable the passwords to feature in it.
  • When someone sends a video, you can play in the default built-in video player of WhatsApp, a common player does not have many features like all those third-party video players have. You can choose a third-party video player to play video in GBWA APK.

Pop Up Notification of GBWhatsApp:

The Notification that is coming from the GB Latest Version is pop up on the screen and you can check the notification and messages that send by the Person is given to the user. So, you can click on the notification and do what you want to do

Screen 1Different Requirements to Download GBWhatsApp Mod Anti Ban:

Many people don’t know the process of downloading and installing the APK file. If you also want to know the process, then don’t worry. I will tell you the easy steps to download and install it.

When you install the APK MOD, you can enjoy all the advanced features. Let’s talk about the steps!

Storage Space:

Storage space is necessary for this APK MOD

Allow Unknown Sources:

Enable the unknown sources after opening the setting Tab.

Additional Information About GBWhatsApp APK:

App NameGBWhatsApp APK
Android Version4.3 and Above
Latest Version9.1.0
Downloads4 Million Plus
App Size54 Mbs
Root RequiredNo Root Required
Main PurposeWhatsApp with some Extra Features
Latest Update5 January 2020

 Login in the GBWhatsApp APK account and enjoy the fantastic features.

You can do it quickly, but if you have any problem with this process, then you can write a comment to me for more information.

GB WhatsApp APK On IOSGBWhatsApp APK is Available on IOS:

Nowadays, many devices are using, but the iPhone is the most popular device. Thousands of people use this device, but they don’t know about how to download the file on their device. If you don’t know about the downloading procedure then Just Follow these Steps to Download the Following.

  • Firstly, go to your browser site on your device.
  • Click on the given button below to download the iOS file.
  • After downloading, open the file to install it.
  • Press on the install button to install it.
  • Installing process will be complete after a few seconds.
  • When the is installed, launch the app.
  • Login into your WhatsApp account or create a new one.
  • Now enjoy the app!

download GBWhatsApp APK

Where to Get and Set Up GBWhatsApp APK?

If you are trying to get this app program for yourself and also get going to utilizing it, you are most likely searching for a secure and protected place to get.

Right here You can access GBWhatsApp now;

Privacy Control

Together with all mentioned above, if you install GBWhatsApp, you will have the ability to control your personal privacy choices. This implies manually regulating whether you are letting your mobile to inform others what you are up or you are online.<<>>

Privacy for the IOS Of GBWhatsApp APK Anti Ban Version:

  1. Being on-line (Status)
  2. Double tick
  3. Bluetick
  4. Settings of microphone
  5. Status of recording
  6. Status of typing
  7. Messages Scheduling

Screen 2Latest Version of GBWhatsApp APK 2020 Features:

The Way to Update and Install GBWhatsApp

At this point you get to know how to access your APK, the next steps are going to tell all you would like to know that how to install this application that is being installed on your device will depend on the Performance of the Mobile

Procedure # 1:

Go to your Mobile and then you can go to the browser Setting then  go to the Security  after that On Unknown resources and then you will click to enable that function that was disabled

Procedure # 2:

Get the latest GBWhatsApp from stores mentioned above with your internet browser onto your mobile phone. As a choice, you may download the APK to your computer and also move it throughout on your gadget’s storage.

Procedure # 3:

On up the APK and then go and press the install button that was shown on the Screen. This might work in precisely the same manner as we do set up in the regular WhatsApp program.

Procedure # 4:

Enter your name, state number to confirm your accounts. Currently, GBWhatsApp is established and prepared to utilize in your very own device. Open the Program on the Screen as your primary menu to use the Typical WhatsApp

On What Platforms GBWhatsApp will Available:

  • Android
  • IOS

Personalized Themes You want:

Possibly the most preferred of GBWhatsApp newest variant attributes, with all the mod you are likely to have the ability to choose the theme of any part of WhatsApp program, in the menus into chat display, assisting you to make an aesthetic which gives one of the most pleasurable experience.

Send Out Big files form the GBWhatsApp APK

Quickly amongst the drawbacks to making use of WhatsApp is that sending the document. Have a photo, song or a video that you need to forward to a friend, but WhatsApp limit you not to send a file greater than 16MB? GBWhatsApp latest removes this limitation to make sure that you can forward out anything you desire.

Backing up GBWhatsApp APK Information

Supporting can save time in regards to shielding the messages which concern you and grant you overall comfort to make sure your chats are secured and safe. More, two methods by which one can get back his/her very own files, helping you to continue to be in control<<>>

The process to Download GBWhatsApp APP:

# 1:

Back-up GBWhatsApp with APK.

Procedure # 1:

The First Strategy to consider that is used to support the GBWhatsApp chat will go right through the Program.

Just Open up the GBWhatsApp and Search the Settings and then search the Chat Backup.

Procedure # 2:

Click on Back-Up to save a copy of your messages along with your associated media right into your internal gadget memory.

download GBWhatsApp APK

Alternative Process to Download GBWhatsApp APK # 2:

Backup GBWhatsApp.

Dr.fone – Will Bring the Best Social App that is being used by the user and we will go to get the best and this Person will give us the Best That we want to have in the Hands

The program is simple to use, also in case you have extremely limited technological abilities, and you can send every one of your GBWhatsApp documents, such as chats, images, large size videos, data, voice messages and far more.

What’s new in GBWA APK latest version (v8.25)

  1. Anti-ban of Account.
  2. New base updated for Users.
  3. Added/customized new emojis.
  4. Added you can call participants in groups mod of call.
  5. Added reply privately features when you select massage in groups
  6. Fixed added in stickers from Google Play issue
  7. Fixed crash when you search for themes
  8. Bugs fixes

Advantages of using GBWhatsAPP APK:

Before I start telling you the advantages of the GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version, I am supposed to let you know what GBWA APK is. GBWA is nothing but a modified version of WhatsApp Original Application. As you know WhatsApp APK is a very popular chatting app for smartphone users, this is available for all the platforms including Android, iOS, Java OS and more. WA provides some amazing features that other chatting apps similar to WA could not provide so it is the most widely used application. To take more advantages of this cool app, some developers modified this app and turned it into MOD versions of WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp APK is one of those modded WhatsApp APK. To use this app you are able to use dual Whatsapp, get all those displayed features.

Disadvantages of using GBWA:

The main disadvantage of using GB WhatsApp Application is a ban of the account, your account may be locked out and prohibited for future usage.  I hardly recommend you don’t use your main account or phone number with GBWA to stay safe, or rather use a temporary number.

Permissions to GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version:

This app has access to:

Device & app history.

  • retrieve running apps.


  • find accounts on the device.
  • add or remove accounts.
  • read your contact card.


  • find accounts on the device.
  • read your contacts.
  • modify your contacts.


  • approximate location (network-based).
  • precise location (GPS and network-based).


  • receive text messages (SMS).
  • send SMS messages.


  • read phone status and identity.


  • read the contents of your USB storage.
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage.


  • read the contents of your USB storage.
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage.


  • take pictures and videos.


  • record audio.

Wi-Fi connection information.

  • view Wi-Fi connections.

Device ID & call information.

  • read phone status and identity.


  • read sync statistics.
  • receive data from the Internet.
  • View network connections.
  • create accounts and set passwords.
  • pair with Bluetooth devices.
  • send a sticky broadcast.
  • connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi.
  • full network access.
  • change your audio settings.
  • control Near Field Communication.
  • read sync settings.
  • run at startup.
  • use accounts on the device.
  • control vibration.
  • prevent the device from sleeping.
  • toggle sync on and off.
  • install shortcuts.
  • uninstall shortcuts.
  • read Google service configuration.
  • View network connections.
  • create accounts and set passwords.
  • pair with Bluetooth devices.
  • send a sticky broadcast.
  • connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi.
  • full network access.
  • change your audio settings.
  • control Near Field Communication.
  • read sync settings.
  • run at startup.
  • use accounts on the device.
  • control vibration.
  • prevent the device from sleeping.
  • modify system settings.
  • toggle sync on and off.
  • install shortcuts.
  • uninstall shortcuts.
  • read Google service configuration.

How to Download and Install GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version:

Downloading and using GBWhatsApp APK’s latest Version is Simple and easy. Just follow these steps to Download GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version.

  • First of All, Download GBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version for Android from the button below.
  • Save the APK file in Your Storage.
  • Click on the GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version” to install the application.
  • Install and Enjoy Application.
  • If You Need any Help or Stuck in a problem regarding the GBWhatsApp APK Comment below. Stay tuned and updated.
Download GBWhatsapp APK

People Also Ask About GB Whatsapp:

What is GBWhatsApp APK?

GBWhatsApp APK is an alternative version of WhatsApp found on the internet, also known as GBWA. This is a modded version that can be found on APKCYCLE, you can download it from here. One of the best MOD version of WA allows some amazing features which can not be found on the ordinary version of WhatsApp. You should know that the Gbmods WhatsApp is not served by WhatsApp Inc. It is developed and served by some other developers, the motive is taking more advantages of WhatsApp.

Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp APP?

No, the app is not safe for fair usage, if you use GB Whatsapp APP, your account may get temporarily blocked by WhatsApp Inc. On the other hand, it is not harmful to your Android device. Many websites providing GBWhatsapp APK files and third party links for its APK files, beware of those sites they may shift malware to snitch your personal data. As long as you download the app from trusted websites like APKCYCLE. your device can be safe.

How do I download GBWhatsApp APK?

To download GBWhatsApp Application on your Android, visit the Gbwhatsapp official website GBWhatsAPP, on the menu, click on, ‘GB WhatsApp Download’ clicking it you will be redirected to the download of GBWA. There you have to select the version, I recommend you, select the latest version and click on it. As soon as you click the download stars.


GBWhatsApp” is one of the best MOD versions of WA. It has a lot of features to use which you will fall in love with this app. Folks search on the internet for, “Gb Whatsapp Download” or “GBwhatsapp plus latest version” and more. Download the latest version of the “GBWA” APK from this site. We provide the latest version and We upload a new version of this page as soon as it releases. Before you download GB WhatsApp I hardly recommend you do not use your main account or number in GBWA otherwise your account may get a permanent ban, use a temporary account instead.


  • If You Need any kind of Support regarding Any problems or installing APK or downloading the Mod Application, you can ask freely in the comment section below. Thanks for Downloading and keep visiting and sharing APKCYCLE


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