How to Earn Money on Facebook ($400 Every Day)

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. With over 2 billion active users, it’s no wonder so many people are making money on Facebook. This blog post will show you how you can make $400 every day on Facebook by sharing helpful tips and tricks. From setting up a profitable Facebook page to using Facebook ads, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to start making money today.

How to Get Started

Facebook is a great way to make some extra money. You can sell products, give away tickets, or offer your services as a social media consultant. Here are four ways to start earning money on Facebook:

1) Sell Products on Facebook: One way to make money on Facebook is to sell products. You can use Facebook’s built-in tools to create a sales page and track your sales. Alternatively, you could use an online marketplace like eBay to sell products.

2) Give Away Tickets: Another way to make money on Facebook is to offer free tickets for events or concerts. You can set up a ticket giveaway page and track how many tickets are given away. You could also give away free goods in return for tickets.

3) Offer Your Services as a Social Media Consultant: If you have experience working with social media, you could offer your services as a social media consultant. You could set up a website and offer your services directly to clients or through commission schemes with marketing agencies.

4) Generate Leads from Your Website: Another way to make money on Facebook is by generating leads from your website. You could use Google Adsense or another advertising platform to generate leads from your website and then sell these leads through Facebook ads.

How to Make Money on Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is one of the most popular ways to generate income from your website or blog. You can create many different types of ads, and each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Here are some tips on how to make money on Facebook ads:

1. Choose the right ad type

There are three main types of ads you can use on Facebook: text, picture, and video. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Text ads are the simplest type, and they work best for promoting products or services directly to customers. They have low click-through rates (CTRs), so be sure to design them wisely so that people see them in a useful way.

Picture ads are more visually appealing than text ads and tend to have higher CTRs because people like seeing pictures of what they’re buying or renting. This makes picture ads good for promoting products or services with a high perceived value.

Video ads are a little more complicated than picture or text ads, but they offer a lot of flexibility in terms of format and message. They also tend to have high CTRs because people love watching videos!

2. Choose the right targeting options
When designing your ad, you’ll want to choose which target audience you want to reach. You can target users based on their geographic location, age group, interests, or any other criterion you think will be valuable for your business.

How to Make Money on Facebook Messenger

Make money on Facebook Messenger by becoming a messenger marketing expert! There are many ways to make money from Messenger, and earning $ every day is not as tough as you might think. You can create an account with one of the many messaging platforms available (like Hootsuite or Intercom) and create engaging content to promote and monetize your audience through ads, subscriptions, and more. Here are five methods for making money on Facebook Messenger:

1. Sell Products: One of the most popular methods for making money on Facebook Messenger is by selling products. You can use this platform to connect with potential customers looking for what you offer. Once connected with these people, you can sell them products directly or through an affiliate program.

2. Offer Services: Another way to make money on Facebook Messenger is by offering services. This includes customer support, lead gen, or social media marketing. You can charge a fee for these services or offer them free of charge to attract more customers.

3. Run Ads: Ads are another way to make money on Facebook Messenger. You can place ads in your messages or within specific groups your followers belong to. This method is particularly effective if you have a large following that you want to reach out to.

4. Monetize Your

How to Make Money on Instagram Ads

If you want to make some money on Instagram, you can create ads and sell promoted products. Here’s a guide on how to create an ad and sell a product:

First, head over to the “Create Ad” page to create an Instagram ad. From here, you’ll need to provide information about your account, including your name, profile picture, and website URL. You’ll also need to select the country where you want your ad to run and choose the type of ad (profile picture or direct message).

Once your ad is created, click on “Create Campaign.” You’ll now be able to select a price for your promoted product and add more products if desired. You can also choose how long your ad will run (30 days or forever). Finally, you’ll need to provide a link to your campaign page and confirm that you agree to the terms of service.

Now it’s time to sell a promoted product! To do this, head to the “Sell Products” page and select the campaign you created in step 1. Next, find the product that you want to sell and click on it. You’ll now be taken to the “Manage Your Products” page, where you can add more details about the product (title, description, etc.), set a price, and add shipping information if necessary. Click on “Publish” when finished, and Congratulations! Your product has now been sold!


Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites, and with good reason. It’s a great way to stay connected with friends, family, and loved ones and learn about new things going on in their lives. However, if you’re looking to make some money from Facebook, there are a few things you need to know. I’ll teach you how to make $400 daily from your Facebook page using a few simple techniques in this article. So what are you waiting for? Start earning money today!

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