How to Enable Notification Light on Android Phone

The notification light on your Android phone can give a lot of data about your phone. You can get some answers concerning a significant notification or know whether the battery is low, without contacting your phone. Notification light is unquestionably a helpful component, yet would you say you are utilizing it to its maximum capacity?

This article discloses how to empower settings to make an iPhone or Android phone’s camera streak turn on when there is a notification or call. It likewise gives a rundown of outsider apps that will do likewise.

Your Android phone can utilize either green, blue or red light to mention to you what’s happening inside your phone, yet imagine a scenario where you could utilize various tones for various kinds of notifications. Even better, change light squinting recurrence or alter notification light for singular phone highlights.

On the off chance that you are intrigued, at that point how about we perceive how you can redo your Android phone’s LED notification light as you would prefer.

What you’ll require

To begin, you need to make sure that you have an Android phone that really has a LED notification light; not all Android phones accompany one. The notification light is normally before the phone near the front camera.

Do remember that a portion of the LED lights can’t be tweaked separated from their essential working. You can likewise check online for your Android phone’s particular to see if it underpins LED light or not.

Step by step instructions to Set Up Flash Light Notifications on Your Phone

Notifications springing up on your smartphone’s screen are intended to borrow your time. To make sure you know when you just got a book or missed a call, notifications for the most part report their appearance with a sound. That won’t work in all cases. You might have your volume killed, the screen confronting ceaselessly from you, or you may have a conference debilitation that keeps you from hearing the notification.

To utilize it:

1. Impair Ambient Display and any battery improvement for the app.

2. Give notification access authorization.

3. Select apps you need notifications for, by picking a shading.

For MIUI 11 gadgets make sure that AutoStart is enabled in App Info. Likewise check “Show on lock screen” consent in different settings.

Extra Features:

1. Change LED activity time.

2. Change LED tones.

3. Change LED position.

4. Advise for missed calls.

5. Change LED size (Premium required!)

6. Add Downtime (Premium required!)


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