How to fix game lag in Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire has emerged as one of the most popular battle royale games in the past decade and with good reasons. The game features stunning graphics that are perfect for those who love playing games with a more realistic setting. It also has gameplay that has a ferocious pace that keeps players engaged throughout the entire match!

With all that Free Fire has to offer It is not surprising that the game comes at a cost also, and that’s because it is difficult on mobile devices, particularly in the case of playing with a low-end mobile. You are likely to have experienced lags or stutters during the game even with mid-quality settings.

Game Boosters – Do they work?

There could be a myriad of apps available on the Google Play Store claiming to boost performance. The same is true for the ‘100 percent lag fix’ apps. However, the truth is that these apps don’t make any difference. Apart from that, using up the storage of your device and consuming your memory to display ads from third parties is the primary reason for them. Instead of waiting for the apps keep your users in the dark go over to the next page for a guide on how to solve your lag on Free Fire.

How can I solve game lag how to fix lag in Free Fire?

Follow the steps below to boost performance and eliminate game lag without a app from a third party:

1. Make sure that your device meets the minimum specifications

The first first step is check if your system is compatible with the game and meets the minimum requirements needed to play it. game smoothly. Although, as stated, Free Fire doesn’t require top specs, it requires a minimum of 2GB RAM in order to be able to run at least 30 frames per second without lags.

2. Select the settings that correspond to the device.

Reduce the graphic within the settings. This usually can help with repairing the blurring. Similar to the’shadows’ option. Lower the frame speed to avoid overheating

3. Maintain the system up to date

Be sure to keep Your Android system up to date. Auto-update should be turned on as well as, in the settings of the system settings.

4. Clear the cache

Clear the cache memory for temp on your phone regularly. It helps keep your phone operating efficiently and in a flexible manner as well. With your apps settings menu you can clear the saved data from apps and games you don’t require.

5. Make sure the app is optimized for most efficient performance

Optimization is an essential element of lag free gaming regardless of the platform. Make sure that you apps as well as games are optimized for battery consumption and performance via the settings of your system. settings.

6. Verify that there is nothing running in the background

When playing the game Be sure not to keep several apps running within the background. This will affect your performance and may cause you game to lag.


If the previous steps don’t work, reboot your phone. If your data is back up, restoring your phone to factory settings may also be beneficial. However, you should try reinstalling the game prior to attempting an entire restoration to the factory settings.

We hope that this article can assist you to resolve your lag and performance-related problems while playing Free Fire. Enjoy your gaming!

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