How To Secretly Record Videos On Android

It is evident the fact that Android is among the top well-known mobile operating system when we search. The great thing about Android is the fact that it comes with apps for various uses. Similar is the case for hidden video recorders too.

There are a lot of Android applications available in the Play Store that can be employed in order to record videos in Android hidden. These apps allow you to silently record videos while within the background.

2 Methods to Secretly Record Videos On Android

So, in this post we’ve selected the most effective ways for you to record videos with Android devices without revealing the details. Let’s look at the best ways to record videos using Android devices.

1. Third Eye-Smart Video Recorder

The default Android operating system is set to stop the video recording whenever a file size is greater than 4GB or the duration exceeds 30 minutes. The maximum duration at 30 minutes or less (the most effective option is the length of video on your device once the video file has reached 4GB) to prevent crashing. If you save the file to an SD Card you should format SD Card is exFAT instead of FAT, so that it can be used to record long-time video. app can record long-running video (more than 30 minutes).
We suggest recording video for less than 20 mins.

Main Features

  1. Display Notification Bar Status
  2. Supports front and back cameras.
  3. video resolutions (HD-720p, Full HD-1080p, HD-480p …)
  4. Secure, well-coded app
  5. Beautiful material design GUI

2. Hidden Screen Recorder

It is a great feature that it is able to record videos in the background without requiring root access. Additionally, Hidden Screen Recorder provides users with actions on one tap to start or stop video recording.

It’s an camera app that lets you effortlessly record videos by simply tapping with the option of enabling or deactivate camera sound effects for shutters. The useful options include constant recording when the app is in background as well as timed recording as well as support for a variety of languages.

Main Features

The Volume button and the Volume button may be utilized for start and stop recording. (Press the volume button three times in two minutes to start. Press volume down button three times in two second to stop)
The Power button can be employed in order to start recording or stop recording. (Press Power button 3 times over 2 minutes in order to start recording or stop recording)
Make sure to shake your phone in order in order to start recording or stop video recording.

  1. Machine Learning] If it detects that the camera detects the face of a human the device can start video recording in a sequence.
    Add In app the voice prompt in order to start video recording.
  2. Support for Google Assistant to start video recording
    Support for Gesture in the screen preview (pinch or tab scrolling horizontally and vertically) scrolling) to make quick adjustments (camera zoom ), camera autofocus as well as camera correcting the exposure).
  3. Save the recorded video videos direct for transfer to Google Drive and Dropbox.
  4. and trim videos when you record them.
  5. Enable/disable preview views
  6. Enable/disable shutter sound
  7. Supports automatic white balancing with various advanced options
    • Schedule the time for your camera for it to record video at certain dates and times
    Supports front and back cameras.
    Unlimited video duration. Simply set the time you’d like to record
    The device supports “auto stop recording” when the storage capacity of the device is low
    Secure, well-coded app
    Beautiful material design GUI

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