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PUBG Mobile APK (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) is a war game developed and published by PUBG Tencent Games, now there is Two Partner of this Game the Light Speed Quantum will Also get over the PUBG. This game is based on the Last Man Standing Gameplay, which originated from a movie called battle Royal. This is the Top Rated Game As well as it is not Wrong to Say that the Heaviest Game For the Mobile Up till now.

Note: This Game is Highly Addictive So be Careful while Installing the Game.

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Update 5/7/2020

  1. Miramar Update

Additional Resources have been added to the map including items and improved graphics Also, added a race track and a Golden Mirado to show off your skills

2. Sandstrom in Latest Update

Prepare will survive in the extreme climate a new theme of sandstone is added in the latest version of the game

3. Cheer Park

this is the 20 player area where you can chat, roast chicken, dance, and challenge each other

4. Bluehole Mode

Just go and try out the latest new Bule hole mod in the Pubg and make yourself game more interactive



PUBG Cover

Different Mods in PUBG Mobile APK:

There is a total of Three Mods in the PUBG which is being played by the Player and Entertained himself with PUBG Mobile APK.

  1. Classic Mod.
  2. Arcade Mode.
  3. Evo Ground Mod.

Classic Mod:

There are Four Maps are placed in this Mod That is Described as following

  • Erangle Map (Alpha Map) (8 x 8) Kilometer:

This place is Found in Real-Time in Russia. This is the First Ever Map that is provided by the Developers of the PUBG Mobile This is the Basic Maps the Player will have fun by playing this type of Maps and This map is Important for the Crew Challenge. Their Profile of Crew will only show in this Map Only and The Maximum Time of the Game is Near About the 35 Minutes. The Player will just have to get into the Circle as the Time passed. Also, In this game Points are Given Much More than Sanhok Map. Because Survival Time is more than Sanhok. And the Points are Distributed in No of Kills Scored by the Player and Total time of Survival in the Game Play.

Places in Erangle Map in PUBG Mobile Game:

Some of these places are considered as the Hot Drop Places in the Erangle Map

  1. Pochinki (High Risk).
  2. Georgopol (High Risk).
  3. Novorepnoye (High Risk).
  4. Lipovka (Medium Risk).
  5. The school (Medium Risk).
  6. Razhok (Medium Risk).
  7. Military Base (High Risk).
  8. Quarry (Low Risk).
  9. Shelter (Low Risk).
  10. Kameshki.

Note All the Hot Drop Places are determined with the Route of the Plane.


  • Sanhok Map (Second Map) (4 x 4) Kilometer:

This Place is Found in the Real-time of the Southeast Asian Forest. This map is considered to the fast Maps in the PUBG Game Because This map is Too Small and Hot Drop Places are So Much in the Map. This Map consists of the Tress and Greenery. The Theme of this Map is Forest-Based. This map is used to improve Game Play. This Map is Too Fast and the Player will Improve the Spotting Power in this Map. Bots are also Added in this map to Make the Game Play Easy for the Player and they will score More Points in the Game Play.

Some Important Things in Sanhok

  • This Map will Replace the ScarL Gun will the QBZ.
  • No 8x Scope will Found in the Sanhok Map Because this Map is too Short for that Scope.
  • The Mini 14 Gun will be Replaced and Added QBU. The Attachments will Also be used in this Gun.
  • This Map is Mostly Consist of Snakes in the End Circle.
  • The Green GILLY Suit will Get from the AirDrop. And Player Can’t Easily Spot in this Map.

Hot Drop Places in Sanhok PUBG Mobile Latest Version Game:

  1. Ban Tai.
  2. Boot Camp.
  3. Camp Alpha.
  4. Camp Charlie.
  5. Cave.
  6. Camp Bravo.
  7. Docks.
  8. Ha Tinh.
  9. Paradise Resort.
  10. Quarry.
  11. Shame.
  12. Ruins.

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Note All of The Hot Drop Places are Determined by the Route of the Plane.

  • Miramar Map (Third Map) (8 x 8) Kilometers:

This map is Found in the Real-Time in Central America This Map is based on the Deserted Theme. This map Consists of the Sand Mountains Mostly. This Map will Be Considered to the Longest Map in the PUBG Mobile Game. This Map is Too Long so that Mostly Peoples will Avoid this Maps. But the Coins has two Aspects Some People will love that Maps Because the Long Fights are Take Place in the Map. And Peoples are spotted Easily in this Map. Also, This Maps has its interest for the Player who Played this Map. While Playing Miramar Map you should be More Careful when moving Around Because Enemy can see you Easily.

Some Important Things in Miramar Map:

The New Snipper is Give Name as Win 94 and the Damage of the Sniper Gun is more than the AR Gun

  1. Mostly Long Fights are Seen in this Maps.
  2. The Deserted GILLY Suit will Get from The AirDrop.
  3. New Pistol Desert is Added in the Previous Version of the Game.
  4. The Buildings are So Big to be looted and There are More Placed to be camped in the Buildings.
  5. M16A4 is used As Sniper by the Many Players in this Map.
  6. New Vehicles are Added in the Updated and Previous Version of the Game.

Some Hot Drop Places in the Miramar Map:

  1. Water Treatment.
  2. Campo Militar.
  3. El Pozo.
  4. Calle Del Mar.
  5. Impala.
  6. Los Leones.
  7. San Martin.
  8. Puerto Paraiso.
  9. Pecado.
  10. El Azahar.


  • Vikendi (Fourth Map) (6 x 6) Kilometers:

This Map is Also Found in the Real World Because All the maps in the PUBG Mobile APK will be taken From the Real-Time Things and the Idea of Vikendi will Take from the Adriatic Island Snow Map. The main theme of the Vikendi Map is Snow. In this Map, the New Gun Skins and New Vehicle are Added. This Map is Not Yet Fully Released by the Officials of the Game. This Map is Still in the Beta Version (But the Rumor is that the Full Version of the Vikendi will be Released Soon by the Officials of the PUBG Mobile APP). While Paying this Map the Player Feels Cold Because the Snow is Everywhere.

Some Important Things in Vikendi Map:

  • The New Gun G36C will Be added in the 8Th Season. That Gun Works Best in the Vikendi. But the Player will Prefer the M416 This Gun is Considered to the Deadly Gun in the whole PUBG.
  • The Snow GILLY Suit will be given from the AirDrop Supplies from the Flare Gun.
  • Snow Skies are added in the New Version of the Game.
  • All the Sniper remains the Same as the Erangle Map. But in the Pervious Update of the game, they will add the Win 94 Sniper in the Vikendi Map.

Some Hot Drop Places in Vikendi Map:

  1. Castle.
  2. Goroka.
  3. Dobro Mesto.
  4. Cosmodrome.
  5. Hot Springs.
  6. Dino Park.
  7. Villa.
  8. Abbey.
  9. Cement Factory.
  10. Volnova.

Note: All the Hot Drop Places are Determined by the Route of the Plane

  1. Arcade Mode:

In Arcade Mod There Are Three New Mods for the Player to Play and Spend its Time for Pleasure

  • Quick Match.

In the Quick Match, the Lobby of 40-50 Players area added and all the Guns are Given in this Mod. Also, the GILLY Suit and the Guns are only be taken from the Drop Supplies are given in this mod. In this mod, No Points are Considered. Just Land here and have Fun. In this Mod the Player can Play Solo, Duo, Squad, Solo Vs Duo as well as Solo Vs Squad in this mod to Improve the Game Play. This Mod is only Available for the Erangle Map Only.

  • Sniper Training.

This is also the Part of the Arcade Mode. The only Sniper is available in this Mod the Player of the PUBG Mobile can use this mod to Improve his aim and to increase the Reflexes. All the Sniper Gun and Bolt Actions are Available in this Mod of Arcade Except for the Win 94. Also, the Lobby Consist of 40-50 Players and all the Scopes are Given in the Game. Even AWM is Given in this Mod Some times.

  • War Mod.

In the War, the Player is Dropped in the Limited Circle with the AR Guns or With the SMG Guns, they will have to Eliminate the Other Player that are landed in that Circle So they can Maintain the Top Position in the Game. And this Mod is used to Handle the Clutch Against the Player. So, this will improve the performance of the Player if they will Keep Playing this Mod they will Improve their Reflexes as Well.


Evo Ground Mod

The Evo Ground in the Last Mod of the PUBG Mobile Game. There are also, so many types of mod this So that players can play this to spent its time in the game.

  • Rage Gear Mod-TDM:

In the Rage Gear Mod, the Player of the Game Just had to eliminate the Other Player Car or Vehicle in this Mod. There are Team of Two Peoples in this Mod. The team with the Highest Kills will win this game. The Length of the Match will depend upon the Elimination of the Player As soon as you Eliminate the other player you will win this Mod. There are No Points considered in this Mod of the Game.

  • Rage Gear Mod-Pick Up

In the Rage Gear, Mod of the Pick Up the Player will just have to Collect all the Box that are Dropped in the middle of the War Zone the Team who will collect 20 Points will Win this Mod. But All the Points of the Team will be Lost if you are taken Down by the Enemy. You will Lose all your Points you Get From that Boxes.

Notes: In the Rage Gear Mod You Can Repair Your Vehicle to Prevent Form the Blasting your Self

Play Load Mod in PUBG Mobile APP:

In the Pay Load Mod, the Game will be the Same as the Classic Game. This mod will only Available in the Erangle Map. But the New Weapons are Added in this Mod. This Mod Although will not get so popular among the Player So this Mod will get ignored. But the main interesting thing about this Version or Mod is that You can Revive you, Player is he is Dead By Calling him From the tower that was Given in the Match Moreover, In this Mod you Can use Helicopter as well

Some Important Things about Pay Load Mod:

  • M79 Grenade Launcher Gun.
  • RPG-7 Gum.
  • MGL Grenade Launcher Gun.
  • M134 Minigun Gun.
  • M3E1-A Gun.
  • Air Strike Beacon Throwable.
  • The helicopter can be Flown by the Player of the Game.
  • You can call your Friend by the Tower If he is Dead.
  • Training Mod in PUBG Mobile Latest Version.

In the Training Mod of the Game. The Player here can enhance their Reflexes. And Improve their aim by Firing and use every kind of gun in all the Mods and all the Maps. All are given under one Roof All Sniper Guns, AR, SMG and Another kind of Attachments are here for the Player of the Game So, They Can improve their Aim and Win the Easily by Training. So that’s why PUBG will Add Achievements Points in the Game So Player Will Collect that points and Gain Some Amazing Titles in the Game. All Kind of Throwable and GILLY Suit are Available in the Training Mod. All Vehicles are available in the Training Mod of the PUBG Mobile Game.

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Inventory in PUBG Mobile Latest Version:

The Option of the Inventory is moved Down to the Left Side from the Right Side there are many Option Available in the Inventory.

Inventory is the Place where we keep our Extra’s. So, This we will Keep all our Extra Clothes and Shoes and So many other things that we are not Used in the Game.

Some Other Options in the Inventory:

  1. Outfits.

In the Outfit Option, you will have the Collection of all the Suits That you will get through the Achievements and by the Create Opening and From the Solider Create.

  1. Loadout in Inventory.

In the Inventory Loadout, you will see the total collection of the things you got if you got the complete set of the outfit you can see that in the Loadout of the Inventory.

  1. Helmet Skins.

In the Inventory, you got the skins of the Helmet in the Inventory of the PUBG Mobile Game. In this Option, you can see all the Design from Level 1 to Level 3.

  1. Bag Pack Skins in Inventory.

There are different Bag Packs in the Inventory of the Game so the player can use this in the game to make this game more attractive and more entertaining for the Player.

  1. Guns in Inventory.

There is also an Option of the Guns in the Inventory of The PUBG Mobile APK So, in this option, the Player Can Keep the Different Weapons in the Inventory Like AR, SMG, Melee, Bolt Action, Sniper Guns, Light Machine Guns, Shot Guns, Pistole, and Crossbow.

  1. Emotes in Inventory.

There is also and Emotes Option in the Inventory of the PUBG Game. These Emotes are Given in the Royal Passes and Also, The Exclusive Emotes from the Creates that is Given by the Mythic Suits as Well.

  1. Message Voices in Inventory.

There are Different Characters in the PUBG So, that player will never Get Bored From this Game. These are Voices are used to Communicate with the Friends to Mark for the Supplies and Enemies and so many other things. As well as use these Voices for the Fun.

Different Characters are lister here:

  • Sara Character (Girl).
  • Victor Character (Boy).
  • Standard Character (Boy& Girl).
  1. Aeroplan and Parachute in Inventory.

There are Different Aeroplan and Parachute in the Inventory of the PUBG Mobile Game APP. These are just used to Make the Game Fun and Make the other Player Jealous and Keep yourself Distinguished From other Players

  1. Different Themes in Inventory.

Different Themes are Given by the Developers of the Game to Feel them Special. That PUBG will know about their climate Situations.

  1. Scraps are Collected in Inventory of PUBG.

In the Latest Option of the Inventory of the PUBG Mobile Game Play the Scraps are gathered here like.

  • Classic or Premium Create Coupon.
  • Rooms Cards.
  • Materials for Upgrading Gun skins.
  • Materials for Unlocking the Characters.
  • Paints to Upgrade the guns.
  • Rename cards.
  • And So many things are kept here.
  1. Dismantle Option in Inventory.

There is a Dismantle Option in the Inventory So, that if you get the Duplicate Items You can Dismantle Them to get the Silver Fragment and also get the BP coins in the game. You can purchase some items from the Shop Option.

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Daily Mission in the PUBG Mobile APK Unlimited Fun:

The Daily Missions are given in the PUBG Mobile so that the player will complete them to get the Rewards to form the game and the Rewards Send through the Message Options you will get the Scraps Coupons and BP coins are given to you for completing the Daily Mission.

Season Reward in PUBG Latest Version:

The Rewards are given to the player when they will fulfill the Requirement that was given the game. The Rewards are given the Tier Goes up and you will get the incredible Rewards for the Permanent This will include the Dresses and Gun Skins and Parachute and Also a Frame on Completing the Tire.

Different Tires in PUBG Mobile APP:

  1. Bronze Tire (1000).
  2. Silver Tire (1700).
  3. Gold Tire (2200).
  4. Platinum Tire (2700).
  5. Diamond Tire (3200).
  6. Crown Tire (3700).
  7. Ace Tire (4200).
  8. Conqueror Tire (Top 500 Positions).

Events in PUBG Mobile APK:

Different Events are Coming Every Day in the Event Option on the Right side The Player will complete the requirements of the Event to get the Rewards that are permanent of Temporary as well.

Note: The Events are Given according to Country or Region Wise.

Subscription in PUBG Mobile:

There are two types of Subscriptions in the PUBG Mobile Gameplay.

  • Prime Subscription.

In the Prime Subscription, the Player of the game will receive 5 UC every day for a month only.

  • Prime Plus Subscription.

In the Prime Plus Subscription, the Player will get the 300 UC instant and Some Creates and they will get some Special Offers from the Shop.

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Shop Option in PUBG Game Latest Version:

There is a Shop Option Available in the PUBG Game. New clothes are shown in the shop. You can purchase the clothes and new Gun skins and some materials form the shop. There are also some More Options in the Shops. You can also get some items to form the Silver fragments.

RP (Royal Pass) in PUBG Game APK

  • There are two types of Player in the game who Buy the Royal Pass and those who doesn’t. Those who don’t purchase the Royal Pass didn’t get the Exclusive Gifts and UC they just got simple gifts doing the Weekly Mission in the RP Option.
  • Those who Buy the RP will get the Extras Items and Gifts in the RP Option So, This is the Best and You just have to buy this for Once in your life and after that, you got the 600 UC form the RP Rewards.

Pubg mobile download

Creates in PUBG Latest Game Version:

There are three types of Creates in the PUBG Game Play.

  1. Classic Creates.

Different Things are added here so you can Open that Create From the UC and Also Get the Coupon Rewards From the RP Option or the Scrap Coupon.

  1. Premium Creates.

The Premium Creates Will Get Changed So You Can Get the Legendary Item in the Inventory of the PUBG Mobile Version. Also, in the New Update, there is the Granted Reward is given after opening in the 10 Creates in the Premium Version.

  1. Solider Creates.

You can get the Solider Create from the BP Coins and every Time the Price will be higher when you open up an create.

Features of PUBG Mobile APK:

  • Now You can play PUBG on mobile with high 100 players and 8×8 kilometer remote island for a winner takes all showdown. Players have to locate their weapon their cars and vehicles and supplies and defeat every player in the battleground to win the game. Now get ready to loot and do whatever you like and be the last man on standing on the earth.

High-Quality Graphics:

The unreal engine 4 brings an awesome visual view of the game and experience it greater than other games. You can find HD graphics with great eye-catching views and videos.

HD Audio:

PUBG Mobile Contain 3D sound effects and other 7.1 Channel sound that makes the player calm and enjoyable.

Realistic weapons for shooting:

There are a large number of weapons available to fire out the enemies, melee weapons and throwable weapons with real ballistic and trajectories that make PUBG mobile a real combat game.

Travel in style:

Here you got several cars trucks motorbikes and other vehicles to crush your enemies and defeat them.

Team Up with your Friends:

Survive with making your cabinet with your friends and invite them in your team to coordinate your battle plan and make voice chats also.

Requirements for PUBG Mobile:

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind before installing this Game.

  • It requires an internet connection.
  • Android version 4.4 or above.
  • At least 2GB of RAM or More.


What’s New In PUBG Mobile Latest Version?

  • FPP person perspective.
  • Royale Pass Season 1 UpComing Season 11.
  • Little-Zone: A little map, more resources & airdrops are available.
  • Weapon & airplane crashes.
  • View weapons in the new Armory.
  • Pistols now get their UI.
  • Melee weapons can Also destroy tires.
  • Individual teammates can be muted.
  • Post-match results screen.
  • Tier protection system.
  • Asian character models.
  • Gas Can Are Exploded in the Latest Version of the Game.

WHAT’S NEW in Latest Version of PUBG Mobile

  • 2nd Anniversary is here with an Amusement Park at Erangel!
  • Join a match on Erangel for a chance to experience the Amusement Park.
  • Games and attractions include Shooting Range, Gashapon Machines, and a Trampoline!
  • Try out the Reverse Bungee – launch into the air to new heights!
    Hardcore Mode
  • No sound prompts and manual actions are required to pick-up and open/close doors, all to give you a more realistic experience.

Additional information PUBG Mobile:

UpdatedMarch 3, 2020
Size1.76 GBs
Current Version0.17.0
Required Android4.3 and Above
Interactive ElementUser Interact, Digital Purchase
In-App Product105/ 27,000Rs (Currency Dependent)
Offered ByTencent Games

Permission of PUBG Mobile New Version

Wi-Fi connection information.

  • view Wi-Fi connections.

Device & app history.

  • retrieve running apps.


  • record audio.


  • read the contents of your USB storage.
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage.


  • read the contents of your USB storage.
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage.


  • receive data from the Internet.
  • change your audio settings.
  • control vibration.
  • access Bluetooth settings.
  • full network access.
  • connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi.
  • pair with Bluetooth devices.
  • Google Play license check.
  • prevent the device from sleeping.
  • View network connections.


How to Install PUBG Mobile APK On Android:

  • Download the game PUBG Mobile Mod APP and copy it to your internal storage of the phone.
  • To install PUBG Mobile Latest Version, Enable App to install from Unknown Sources in your Android Settings.
  • Then install the PUBG Mobile APP, when installation Completes run the PUBG Mobile Updated Application.
  • Enjoy the App.

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Enable Unknown Source to Install PUBG Mobile APK:

  1. Go to Settings on your Android Smartphone.
  2. Now click on the SecurityMenu.
  3. Hereunder Device administrator looks for Unknown Sources.
  4. Turn ON the Unknown Sources.
  5. It’s Done.

If You Need any Help or Stuck in a problem regarding PUBG Mobile APK Comment below. Stay tuned and updated.


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