PUBG Mobile: Pro Tips and Trick for Chicken Dinner

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Today, everyone is talking about battle Royale games (PUBG Mobile) which are online and also be played by multi-players at the moment and there are only two games that are hitting the headlines for the Gamers: Player Unknown’s Battleground and Call of Duty: Mobile. Both are available on mobile; these companies are offering their brand of battle Royale to gamers to have fun with plenty of time.

If you need to speed quickly and understand the game, here are some top tips and tricks that help your gaming performance in PUBG Mobile.

download PUBG Mobile APK
Download PUBG Mobile APK

PUBG Mobile Advance tips

How to setup PUBG Mobile Latest Version:

You can also choose your Login information or Account There are Some Few Types how you can log in to the Game: You can play as a Guest, use Facebook, or Twitter to sign-in on PUBG Mobile. Facebook or Twitter It Simply means that have to connect your account and give access to PUBG to manipulate the things on the social App, but you can also sync your data after adding the Account on the Game, This is just for that you can’t lose the information if you will switch to another phone or tablet without losing you confidential information.

Prepare your phone: PUBG Mobile is the most demanding game in now a day So, your phone needs to its best level and give its 100 Percent Performance. First of all, Just Remove anything you don’t need on your phone and tablet Also, make sure that all the apps are being closed that you might have running in the background. Then, Turn off battery saver mod of your phone and tablet while playing the game, Moreover, Turn off data savers so that your game will not get choppy and not jet-lagged, You can also turn off night mode if you get any problem while spotting the Enemy this is just for the best experience to improve your gameplay. You might not Turn off auto-brightness because it will adjust the brightness according to the surrounding – But if you want the full brightness you can turn that off Because it might dim the screen during the game that will affect your gameplay and you can’t see so well. Brighter = better.

Choose the Best network to Play PUBG Mobile Game:

There’s are not a lot of things for you do here, but also for a lag-free experience, you just need a good connection to the PUBG servers so choose the best network for that. They’re a little bit of issue we are facing with the mobile network will often give us the variable/not-constant speed so it’s Wi-Fi all the way. You can also test your network speed and check that your connection is stable and you get something like Speed test (Apple App StoreGoogle Play) and just try that not to play when someone else is using the internet or streaming on the internet so that you can get the full bandwidth for the PUBG Mobile.

For the Better, Experience Connect your headphones:

PUBG Mobile only depends on the sound so you have great audio and often the speakers on your phone. Attach your headphones for a better and immersive experience to play PUBG Latest Version Game – That will help you get the exact position of the enemy so you can spot them and take them off.

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PUBG Mobile Guide

Welcome to the PUBG lobby 

When you are going to start the game, you’ll load to the screen that will show you some information about the PUBG game about the companies and then you are taken to lobby where you have the access of full range of settings, Just Select your game Pattern, Invite your friends or Team Mates, Claim rewards From different Sections Like Daily RP and daily log-in Rewards and You can also manage your inventory in the Game.

There are a lot of different Regions in PUBG Mobile:

  1. Europe
  2. Middle East
  3. Asia
  4. South America
  5. KPJP

Now in the Pervious Update, they will Add a New Server Name Middle East

To pick your region server:

There is an Option to start button you have a box to set up your game type, including the server.  Just by Tapping here and on the right, you’ll get the different servers. If you want to play on the North America server from any other state or country, you might experience that game is laggy, so check the ping option on the left bottom on the screen, you just need the Ping under 100.

The main issue is the Frame Drop in the PUBG Game:

Just don’t worry you can adjust the frame rate: Tap the settings cog in to the bottom bar on the right, then you can get the Graphics option click on that button. Here you’ll find some different kinds of graphics settings and Frame Drop Settings. If the game is still looking choppy, you just need to select a low option in the Graphics. Elsewise If you have got a powerful phone, you can try a high graphics option.

Graphics Levels in the PUBG Game:

When you first sign-in you can easily adjust the PUBG Mobile graphics according to the need and according to the capacity of the phone to manage the detail. Higher is better as you can see more that can affect performance and it will cause the frame drop and the game will choppy. Have a play with this and frame rate, just drop down the Graphics form HD to smooth if the game doesn’t run smoothly – but keep in mind the ping too, to make sure your server is not lagging. To make it easier for you There’s also an auto/balanced button or option given by the game developer for those who don’t know how to use that controls just click on that button – that will keep your game smooth and adjust the Graphics if there is any Frame Drop this option will easily handle that.

Use/Engage HDR mode In PUBG Mobile APK:

This is also an option in the graphics section that you can use for a better experience.

The option of adjusting the aiming circle: in to

Tap the settings icon on the screen into the bottom right corner, then click on the Scope option. Here you can easily change the color of the crosshair.

You can Turn on/off Aim Assist in the PUBG:

How much hard you want to be this game to be if you don’t want to know just keep this option Enable? This Aim Assist Option helps you hit the target/Enemy to take them down easily if you’re generally pointing the right way. This Option can be availed in settings > Basic.

Want to use the gyroscope on your phone this will help you to aim the target easily That helps a lot for aiming: If you have a good phone that consists of gyroscope, You can use the extra motion to move your view in the game and increase the reflexes in the game that helps for the aiming. This is the best option when you’re using any of the scopes or using any sights that are attached on your weapon – Also, you can move the phone more quickly than using the joystick to play this game. This will make your game a lot faster and natural when you have to take the enemy down. Move towards the settings > basic > gyroscope and you’ll find the option.

Screen 1

Pro Tips to Play PUBG Mobile:

Also, the game settings can be changed during the gameplay, so you can switch the settings or change the aim assist option during the game so you manipulate it as you want. Sometimes the Change in graphics level wants the game restart to apply the changes in the game, however.

Get clothes in PUBG Mobile on your character:

On the initial level, you just wear underwear, but you can dynamically change your clothes in your inventory. You can buy different kinds of clothes with real money in the Shop or other words used for it is UC, and another way to unlock clothes is that you play by earning BP and opening Solider crates. Some of the clothes are time-limited and some of the Clothes are provided by the PUBG Mobile Officials are Permanent. ….

Adjust the mic volume of the PUBG Mobile:

PUBG Mobile is offering an in-game voice channel, with full control to turn off the mic or speaker for the communication in the game with your friends or adjust the levels of voice in the Settings. In settings > audio, you’ll find the controls of audio and adjust it according to your own needs. If you don’t want to be listening to some into the game just turn its Mic off by clicking on the left side of Map Option in the gameplay. After you start the game, you can turn your mic on/off as well as other players can do. From version 6, you can mute a single/particular player, but the player of the game can’t turn off text chat for your team.

Change the Controls in PUBG Mobile:

PUBG Mobile offers different kinds of controls for foot and vehicles some of them are by default and you can also customize them easily and you can adjust both. Head into settings > controls or settings > vehicles and here you’ll find the options defaults just click on it and customize if you don’t like that setting.

Changing the Size or Location of Controls:

You can also easily customize the in-game User Interface. In the controls area, there is also a Customize option in the setting of the PUBG Mobile APK. Here you can set up different kinds of controls according to the need and according to the size of your device, Also the player of the game can change the transparency of the icons, and change the size and location according to your preferences……

Set Fire on Release in PUBG Mobile:

The player of the game also selects whether to fire some weapons on the tap on the display or release. The player might notice that when to tap your aim moves slightly, change the setting to release means the thing or person on which you are aiming will be steadier.

PUBG Mobile Gaming Modes

Each update brings a new approach to the PUBG. While the Classic Option and its map will remain intact, they will not be upgraded or changed and the game remains the same, The Arcade mode changed in many ways and Evo Ground has added new options There are a lot of different maps and different mod are added in the Arcade Mode of the game. This is the best current gaming modes in PUBG Mobile in all over the world.

Note: Everything that is being described and going to be described next will be availed by the user by clicking on the Red Download Button

Different map in PUBG Mobile Latest Version:

From Season 10 onwards there are four maps –




and Vikendi.

Hereunder the Big Start Button you can see the Map option Just by Clicking on that button you can change the Map on which you want to play your game and also the player can do some additional settings like they can change the server option in which the Ping is showing the consistently Green Also, If you select all, it will randomly pick one for you according to the algorithm of the game that was designed by the developer of the game. Different maps have different terrain, sizes, and some exclusive weapons or vehicles which are completely or entirely different from one another.

Screen 2

How to select Solo, Duo or Squad play in PUBG Mobile:

The player of the game can play any of the mod described above, as a pair of four-player named as a squad, this option is under the maps Option on the front layout screen. There are daily missions for so it’s worth mixing it up. Sometimes you just need to destroy everyone and everything and take down enemies with an amount given in any mod, sometimes you’ll want a squad.

You can also select the first person or third person mode:

The first-person (FPP) gives you a different view you can see that as you are playing this game not your character this will give us immense pleasure. Now in the Season 10 update, this option will be given when the player Enters into the game there are two options given bottom left side by Default FPP or TPP (third-person perspective). And you can change it from the Maps option is just beside the Auto matching Option Both gaming views are ranked separately,

Find teammates of your language in PUBG Mobile Game:

From version 9. Rather than getting stuck with a teammate speaking a different language, there is an option to select two languages which you can easily communicate with your friends So, you can at least communicate easily in the game….<Checked>

Classic mode of PUBG Mobile APK:

In the Classic mode gameplay, there is the lobby of 100 players and there are different players from the different countries it is not wrong to say that form all around the world if they don’t find the lobby from their auto-matching control Each game will take near about (25 – 30 ) Minutes (If you Wins the Game)

From version 15 and Season 10 there’s a twist on Arcade option called Payload Mode which lived in Evo Ground, discussed below.

Arcade modes in PUBG Mobile:

In Arcade Mod There Are Three New Mods for the Player to Play and Spend its Time for Pleasure

  • Quick Match.

In the Quick Match, the Lobby of 40-50 Players area added and all the Guns are Given in this Mod. Also, the GILLY Suit and the Guns are only be taken from the Drop Supplies are given in this mod. In this mod, No Points are Considered. Just Land here and have Fun. In this Mod the Player can Play Solo, Duo, Squad, Solo Vs Duo as well as Solo Vs Squad in this mod to Improve the Game Play. This Mod is only Available for the Erangle Map Only.

  • Sniper Training.

This is also the Part of the Arcade Mode. The only Sniper is available in this Mod the Player of the PUBG Mobile can use this mod to Improve his aim and to increase the Reflexes. All the Sniper Gun and Bolt Actions are Available in this Mod of Arcade Except for the Win 94. Also, the Lobby Consist of 40-50 Players and all the Scopes are Given in the Game. Even AWM is Given in this Mod Some times.

  • War Mod.

In the War the Player are Dropped in the Limited Circle with the AR Guns or With the SMG Guns, they will have to Eliminate the Other Player that are landed in that Circle So they can Maintain the Top Position in the Game. And this Mod is used to Handle the Clutch Against the Player. So, this will improve the performance of the Player if they will Keep Playing this Mod, they will Improve their Reflexes as Well.

download PUBG Mobile APK

What is Mini-Zone in PUBG Mobile?

Mini-Zone is available on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and it will provide a smaller section of the map to play, Also with a full roster of 100 peoples in the game. It’s a little more frantic than Classic,

  • Evo Ground Mod:

The Evo Ground in the Last Mod of the PUBG Mobile Game. There are also, so many types of mod this So that players can play this to spent its time in the game.

  • Rage Gear Mod-TDM:

In the Rage Gear Mod, the Player of the PUBG Mobile Just had to eliminate the Other Player Car or Vehicle in this Mod. There are Team of Two Peoples in this Mod. The team with the Highest Kills will win this game. The Length of the Match will depend upon the Elimination of the Player As soon as you Eliminate the other player you will win this Mod. There are No Points considered in this Mod of the Game.

  • Rage Gear Mod-Pick-Up

In the Rage Gear, Mod of the Pick Up the Player will just have to Collect all the Box that are Dropped in the middle of the War Zone the Team who will collect 20 Points will Win this Mod. But All the Points of the Team will be Lost if you are taken Down by the Enemy. You will Lose all your Points you Get From that Boxes.

Notes: In the Rage Gear Mod of PUBG Mobile You Can Repair Your Vehicle to Prevent Form the Blasting your Self

  • Play Load Mod in PUBG Mobile APP:

In the Pay Load Mod, the Game will be the Same as the Classic Game. This mod will only Available in the Erangle Map. But the New Weapons are Added in this Mod. This Mod Although will not get so popular among the Player So this Mod will get ignored. But the main interesting thing about this Version or Mod is that You can Revive you, Player is he is Dead By Calling him From the tower that was Given in the Match Moreover, In this Mod you Can use Helicopter as well

Some Important Things about Pay Load Mod of PUBG Mobile:

  • M79 Grenade Launcher Gun
  • RPG-7 Gum
  • MGL Grenade Launcher Gun
  • M134 Minigun Gun
  • M3E1-A Gun
  • Air Strike Beacon Throwable
  • The helicopter can be Flown by the Player of the Game
  • You can call your Friend by the Tower If he is Dead.
  • Training Mod in PUBG Mobile Latest Version

In the Training Mod of the Game. The Player here can enhance their Reflexes. And Improve their aim by Firing and use every kind of gun in all the Mods and all the Maps. All are given under one Roof All Sniper Guns, AR, SMG and Another kind of Attachments are here for the Player of the Game So, They Can improve their Aim and Win the Easily by Training. So that’s why PUBG will Add Achievements Points in the Game So Player Will Collect that points and Gain Some Amazing Titles in the Game. All Kind of Throwable and GILLY Suit are Available in the Training Mod. All Vehicles are available in the Training Mod of the PUBG Mobile Game.

Screen 3


PUBG Mobile basic gameplay tips

Here are some tips to get you through the game. Whether you’re in a team or you are playing off your own,

Best clothes for PUBG characters:

PUBG Mobile Game is not a fashion show, it’s a Battle Royal Game, so think wisely/tactically. Muted shades and of course, camouflage, can provide you a tactical advantage. Likewise, With the snowy Vikendi map, you just want lighter colors to try to wear the wight color clothes will give you the advantage over the enemy- so that white shirt is useful……

Clothes in the assembly area:

You have about 1 minute while you are waiting to start the PUBG Mobile and there are some clothes you can collect from the creates in the lobby (next to the barrels). Just use the technique to reach there to get the clothes to form these create, and it’s tricky, but if you can go there you can get a cool jacket and trousers. (This was in the case in version 8), there are no treats for you.

Jump from the aircraft:

While load into the Plane PUBG Mobile plots the path of the aircraft across the map On the Map so that you can choose the destination Place on it, so you can see what you’ll be flying over. It will also tell you how many people are left on-board/Plane, so you get a general idea of the distribution of different players across the map. Using this information, you can assume avoiding areas that are overloaded with other players. Bigger towns or the place with Good Weapons and Good Loot will attract more jumpers, so if you want to die, Go to that places and become a victor.

Freefall with speed in PUBG Mobile:

When you’re out of the Aero Plane, move your controller to the downwards and you dive toward the ground. That Tip will take you to the ground faster, so you are not drifting downwards while others are gathering weapons and preparing to take you down when you landed. Your Parachute opens automatically when it will across the Safety limits so you don’t need to worry about that Just focus on the landing.

To fly across the map, open your Parachute early:

When you jumped up from the craft/ Plane and you see that the bunch of peoples is going towards that town. Don’t panic you just need to open you Parachute Manually and you can drag yourself to the safer place where you will get the good loot and AR rifles so that you can take your opponents down Easily

Master the map of PUBG Game:

Just Master the Map in which you are playing because it will give you a kickback to protect your self if you are in trouble or you’re are doing solo vs Duo or Solo vs Squad Because the good place will allow you to eliminate you, enemies, easily and you can easily Drag yourself towards the Chicken Dinner. While you are mastering the Map you will know the location where you can get the good Weapons and Healings form that location so if you stuck into the Gunfight with Enemies you can get the Best Weapons against them and Take them down and win the game with that simple tips and trick in the game………

Avoid the red zone of PUBG Game:

Don’t get into the Red Circle Because in the Red Circle the bombs are dropped in that area and they will take you down and Try don’t get into the open places when the red zone is on you Just stay into the house or take cover when the red Zone Starts this will take a short time to pass by and then you can go free because this is the most dangerous thing in the PUBG that destroys your

Avoid Auto pick-up in PUBG Mobile:

There is an auto pick up option in the settings of the gameplay. To avoid from the auto picking of the things that are separated over the ground The character or player in the game will pick up the things automatically so If you don’t want to take down by the enemies so Turn it off so that you can not get into the trapped of the enemies. But at some point, it will good for the player that they will automatically change the Helmet or vest If available that is less damage then there previous one so it will automatically Pick up the things for good. So, choose it as according to the need of Player or User

Custom levels for Auto pick-up:

There is a default amount of the things that you can auto pick-up if this was enabled. There is the amount of Amo and the other throwables like molvotol and Grenades and Stun Grenades and Some Smokes in the game that will help to take the enemies down and take the hand over them that will confuse them and make them take wrong decisions. The Default value of Amo is 180/30 in Every gun and 1 Grenade and every throwable quantity is only one. But you can customize them by getting into the Settings>Auto Pick and you change the amount of these things <CHECKED>

Get the right weapons:

The weapons in the PUBG Mobile are taken from the Real-world entities so don’t bethink anything will be fictitious. Like Shot Guns are best for the Close-Range encounter. But the SMG Weapons are better than shotguns in the close range as an Automatic Gun. But the Assault Rifles Like AKM and M416 are beast in the Middle range Battles and some sights are attached with the guns to increase the range of the Gun. And for the Long Range Pick some Bolt Action/ Sniper gun that will give you the Edge to kill the enemies without knowing them where are you

Collect sights:

Near about all guns in the PUBG Mobile can attached some sights Except for the (Shot Guns and UZI Gun) This is used to take down the enemies that are in the middle range or the short Range You just need to attach the sights there are different sights for the long-range battle and for the Close Range Battle You just need to make the correct decision which sight will be used in the dense condition. Hollo sight and Red Dot are used for the Close range Battle

Clean up the backpack:

Clean up your bag pack so that you can take some other items because if you carry with that kind of stuff that is not used by the guns and other sights and some other attachments that will cause to occupy the Space in the Bag. So just click on the Dump items and drop them through the Bag. So that you can carry some meds and some throwable to compete with the enemies

Add sights on your rifles in PUBG Mobile Game:

You can add the sights on the gun with different processes and techniques so just cam down and read the article. Just open up your bag pack and select the scope or sight which you want to attach on your gun that you are using to take down the enemies instantly. Moreover, the 7.62 mm Guns are great power guns that are difficult to handle and they are considered a Beast Guns in the Close encounter.

Use silencers:

Stealth is your friend in PUBG Mobile, Because when you will fire on an enemy the gun will produce sounds and that will show on the map that will cause you trouble by the third-party app when you are busy in the Fight So, by attaching the Silencer to the gun will cause the Stealth on the Map and this will cause the enemies difficult to find out your location and you can kill the enemies as much as you can without revealing your location

Where do I find the ghillie suit? A Ghillie Suit is the Dressed that is used by the Snipers to kill the enemies from the long-range battle and with the help of this suit the enemies will not find you easily.

Master sprinting:

To move quickly across the map, sprinting is the option that you can use for discovering the whole Map and to get out quickly form the Blue Zone. You can also Lock the Sprinting Option by Dragging the Run Button to its Maximum location but you can also change the size of the Running Option so that you can easily control the motion and gesture of the character of the PUBG Mobile

Drink energy drink for a speed boost:

In the PUBG Mobile game, you will find some of the boosters like Energy Drink and Pain Killers so that will booster you up and heals you up (about 23 percent), Need to get to the game zone? Just drink the couples of the Drinks to get into the Safe Zone and your health will be restoring consistently.

Load up on adrenaline in PUBG Mobile:

The Adrenaline will boost you up (100 percent) that is used when you are so much far away from the circle and you don’t find any vehicle so use the shot of the adrenaline and that will boost you up so that you can easily find a vehicle and get out from the Blue Zone

Swim underwater:

We can also swim into the PUBG Mobile that will be so good and give immense pleasure to the player when he is playing this game. You can’t remain under the water for a long time. When you get into the water the Lungs option is shown on the screen. As long as you remain in the Water the lungs option will get the Red. You just need to come out from the water and inhale some air until the red will get normal and then you get down into the water so o no one can see you

Don’t jump from the fast-moving vehicles:

You’ll die if you get out of the fast-moving vehicle. Try not to crash as your vehicle will take on damage. Make sure that you won’t lose any of the wheels of any vehicle so that you can gain full control of the vehicle in PUBG Mobile Game.

Be careful using vehicles for cover: Vehicles can explode, including boats and even the armored car. If you’re using it for cover, the enemy will shoot it until it explodes, probably killing you. The opposite applies – shoot your enemy’s vehicles.

Collect med kits:

Whenever you will get the shots from the enemies you need to heal up to your full stamina so Medkits are best for that and you can heal up to your maximum and then you are again ready to take the fight from them in PUBG Mobile.

Use first aid:

The First Aid kit also works as the Medkits but they don’t heal up to the full potential of the player they just only heal up to the (80 Percent) so just keep them. But there is the key point of First Aid is that this will take less time to heal you up as compared to the Med Kit.

PUBG Mobilr Top Pro Tips

How to kill yourself in PUBG Mobile:

When you want to end up your game you can’t fire upon yourself. So, for that, you need a specific throw able like Grenade and Molvotol. This thing will end up your game and you don’t get the serious points down. And also, you can jump from the fast-moving vehicles

Switch regions:

You can probably change the region if you get the hard lobby because the higher the tire goes the best player will arise. So, if you are done by kicking your ass then you can try out the other region you can find out the different kinds of peoples from different states so you can join them and get the Good or bad experience to depend upon them and as well as you.

Tips for PUBG Mobile squad play:

Remember your teammates are probably idiots:

Let’s considered that you are matching with some random person and one of them want to be a leader and he will take you to the Hot Drop places because this will cause the best weapons in the Hot Drop Place so more enemies will attack and their game will end in 3 minutes with any reason and they are dead in no time and they will take you with them so don’t listen to them and do whatever you want to do. Because it is how it is.

Turn off team voice chat for better Performance in PUBG Mobile:

If you don’t want to listen to the stupidity of your teammates just close their mic so that you won’t listen to what they are taking and sniping about you. And if they are not to your language so just keep that off and do whatever you want to do and where ever you want to go you are free to go.

Coordinate your landing zone:

When you are loaded into the lobby you will have near about 1 minute to decide where ever you want to go. You just need to pinch a mark on the map by opening the map and mark the location. Just head towards your location and don’t follow any of the random people.

Locate your team members in PUBG Game:

In the latest version, we all are using this will provide us the location of our teammates on the map. The player will just open the map and he will see the location of another player of its team. This makes it easy for them to go to the same position if there is any problem, they face

Stick together but spread out:

Stick together means that stay together with your group that will result in to get you to kill in the PUBG Mobile and make your squad win and defeat the other players but on the other hand, spread out means that Take the positions while in a group to take down the enemies and don’t play alone while you are in a squad match.

Isolate the threat before you revive:

You can revive your teammate this is the best and amazing part of this Battle Royal Game this game is so much fun. In this Battle Royal if your teammate is being knocked by the enemies you can revive them easily. But first, make sure that your teammate is in proper cover and no one can shoot you while you are reviving. Give a call to your friend from where they are pushing towards you and how many of them are coming and what are their positions

Use enemy Ahead to share target Position in PUBG Mobile Game:

In the Chat option, there are some tactics voices in the games in which there are few voices to indicate something or to mark some supplies Like that we have Enemies Ahead Option or Voice in the Game to mark the danger or to tell your teammates that enemies are spotted on this point. This voice is the backbone of the game. Without this pointing option, the game is a mess that can’t be handled

Share things you find with your Friends:

Like the Above Enemies Ahead Option, there is also the option to mark some supplies that you found extras and what they need you find that thing. So this is important as Enemy Ahead Option. This will Mark the Location for near about half a Second that what your friend finds is here but after the half-second, the position of that Supplies will be lost and you can’t get the exact location of that thing.

Use voice chat to coordinate tactics in PUBG Mobile.

With the help of the tactic voices, you can communicate with yo:r teammate like if you want anything without typing you can use the default voices to communicate with them. If you are stuck with the person who doesn’t know your language you can use those tactics to communicate with them and they will understand what you want and what do you want to tell them.

How to kill a teammate in PUBG Mobile:

If you want to get rid of your teammate you can kill them not with the bullets because in the PUBG Mobile Game the friendly Fire is not acceptable. You can kill your teammate with a Molvotol and with the Grenades and by destroying the vehicles near them. But there is an issue with that if you kill your teammates they will report you if they reported you the PUBG officials will reduce your merit and if you do that, again and again, you are not able to paly with your squad anymore.

How to win TDM in PUBG Mobile:

To win a TDM match you just need to be all out there will also be a strategy to win that game but first of all, you don’t need to be defensive you need to be attractive. There are different kinds of the gun are given in the TDM match TDM is the Abbreviation of (Team Death Match) There are All kinds of weapons in the TDM Like Mele weapon, SMG, AR, and Sniper Weapon are also given in the TDM match. To win the TDM match you need good hand free or headphones that will tell you from which direction the enemies are coming.

Tips for PUBG Mobile Payload Mode:

The Payload Mod will change the whole team of the PUBG Classic match there more than Average Weapons in the Payload Match. There are RPG and MGL guns and Player of the game can also use the Helicopter and ride on them.

How to revive teammates in PUBG Mobile:

When your teammate is dead you can recall them easily by collecting their card form their creativity and then you can call him from the communication tower easily. If your one teammate is near the Communication Tower and another person will collect the Card the other person will Recall its teammate from the Tower.

How to find a communication tower:

The Communication tower is found on the maps easily. The Bluepoints that are pitched on the map are the communication tower. That is used to recalling the teammates when they are dead. This will change the whole theme of the Classic mode In the Classic Mod if your teammate is dead you can’t revive them. But this Mode will Provide you the opportunity to recall the teammate easily.

A warning about helicopters:

Helicopters are used as fun in the game but there is a warning for the player who played this mode is that the Helicopter can easily be taken down by the enemies. With a weapon and If all the Players are dead in this Mode no one can revive you. So be attentive while flying the Helicopter.

PUBG Mobile Pro Tips

Tips for winning PUBG Mobile:

When you get your sniper rifle from the dropped You’ll notice that there are regular airdrops, they usually drop is with the Red Smoke and the other flare drop with a Yellow smoke rising from them. Use the Sniper Rile to Take Down the enemies don’t go to get the things from the drop because someone is already camping on it.

Keep your eye out for the flare gun:

From Version 8, We will get the Flare gun in the PUBG Mobile That will Consist of the Heavy Guns that are not found in the Local Area. But you can find guns in the local drop. This is not a local Drop this drop consists of two guns. One is a Sniper and the other is the AR gun or the LMG. But be careful the enemies will come to take your drop because this is a sign for a pro player that there is a hunt for him so he will kill you can take all your loot

Get your belt buckle in the dirt:

As the safe zone decreases you will have to get into the circle As the circle decreases you will have to et your belt buckle in the Dirt. You will have to crawl and to be prone and then there is a chance you can win that game. But if you don’t Prone you will get shot form, someone, because you can easily be spotted by the other player in the Small Zone.

Watch the map for sounds:

The player of the game will also watch the map doing all the things because the map will tell you the location of intruders. Because some peoples are using vehicles and you can see them coming towards you on the map. And see the Footsteps on the maps when the enemy is near you the footsteps are dark red and when they go away the red color faded.

Use Grenades:

When you are prone to the last zone or somewhere else you can use the throwable because it is the best time for the throwables. Like Smoke and Grenade and Molvotol Because in the last circle, there is mostly the chance that you can kill them with the grenade and if not, they will get the damage from the Grenade. So, keep all the things in your Mind and play that game. These things will drag you towards the Victory and have fun while playing the game.

Remember that Every Pro Is Once a Noob

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