YoWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 12.5 – Anti-Ban

Today, we will inform you concerning YoWhatsApp APK, which is the best form of the mainstream App. This article will inform you concerning all the new features and how to introduce the App. Along these lines, continue perusing to discover more.

WhatsApp went ahead the skylines of network and inundated everyone with start to finish encryption. Be that as it may, individuals requested more features. That is the reason designers made adjusted forms of YOWhatsApp.

YoWhatsApp APK

It is the changed variant of WhatsApp that is the best for execution. Furthermore, it isn’t accessible on the Play store, yet you can download it from outsider sites.

Features of YoWhatsApp APK:

  1. There are numerous features that are absent in the original App. We will present to you the features in list items. So here are features.
  2. This App gives you the choice of more than 100 dialects. It implies that you can impart in different dialects. You have the decision of your ideal language. New Azerbaijani language is likewise added to the App.
  3. You can hinder calls of any contact or unsaved number. The call block alternative is absent in the original YoWhatsApp APK
  4. These capacities give you more control and protection.
  5. You can set a picture on the foundation of the YoWhatsApp APK
  6. which is your Wallpaper. Your correspondence turns out to be more outwardly fulfilling.
  7. This App underpins White route for Android 8.0, which brings more comfort and extra usefulness.
  8. The library of subjects is brimming with new plans and topics. Furthermore, you can look over great many formats and tones.
  9. You can pick the shades of the ticks, which carries a new encounter to correspondence.
  10. You can shroud your online status, which gives you more protection and control during correspondence.
  11. Document sharing is shockingly acceptable. You can send a document of 700 MB with a solitary message.
  12. You can shroud the blue tick.
  13. The default interface has a blue tone.
  14. You can stick more than 1000 talks.
  15. You can likewise utilize a unique mark lock to shroud the visits.
  16. A call protection highlight is added to the App. Presently, you can choose who you can call.
  17. You can change the textual style of name and status.
  18. You can contact online toast.
  19. You can browse several emoticon from the library.
  20. You can set security for gatherings and visits.
  21. Your status can be 250 words in length.
  22. You can zoom profile pictures.
  23. Past bugs are fixed in the new form.

How to introduce YoWhatsApp APK?

♥ Open your PC.

♥ Interface with the web.

♥ Go to Google.com

♥ Search download YoWhatsApp APK arrangement.

♥ You will get the arrangement from outsider locales.

♥ Download the App.

♥ At that point you have to uninstall the original WhatsApp on your telephone.

♥ Move the arrangement from the PC to the telephone.

♥ At that point introduce the arrangement on your android telephone.

♥ You likewise need to back up your information prior to uninstalling the WhatsApp.

♥ Subsequent to introducing YoWhatsApp, you can recuperate your information.

♥ Presently, you can utilize the YoWhatsApp APK.


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